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Databases Can Heal Themselves On-The-Fly

An innovative new software can detect and correct a database impaired by an attack while the database system continues to process transactions, says a Penn State researcher. “We simulated attackers’ behaviors on a database and then monitored the response of the database,” said Dr. Peng Liu, assistant professor of information sciences and technology. “We can’t […]

Databases Must Balance Privacy With Utility, Says Professor

Agencies like the U.S. Census Bureau produce a voluminous amount of data, much of which is of tremendous value to social scientists and other researchers. But the data also includes personal information that, under the law, must be protected and could be harmful were it to fall into the wrong hands. Thus, organizations that maintain […]

Database analysis more reliable than animal testing for toxic chemicals

Advanced algorithms working from large chemical databases can predict a new chemical’s toxicity better than standard animal tests, suggests a study led by scientists at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The researchers, in the study that appears in the journal Toxicological Sciences on July 11, mined a large database of known chemicals they developed to […]